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Switch to the FASTEST B-CLASS Autoclave on the MARKET 

with pre-vacuum + sterilization cycle+ dry= 12min

Atom Series : Meets EU B-class Standards

Now with New Rectangular Chamber , Has efficiency of 16L Autoclave 


Pre Vaccuum + sterilize + drying time = Total time 12minutes



1.Fast B program,  12 minutes (with pre-vacuum and drying procedures), to prevent premature  aging of precision instruments;


2.It can meet the needs of hospitals and clinics with a large number of outpatients, two implanting  instruments boxes could be loaded at the same time;


3.10L square chamber, the actual volume up to 16L round chamber, no extra space around the chamber is  wasted;


4.Fast sterilization, which can speed up the flow of the instruments and reduce the investment of the  instruments.

Click Here on the PDF button for a detailed Brochure of the Latest High End Autoclave Products. 

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