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Features and benefits

• DenFil™ N is a universal nano-hybrid composite for use in both posterior and anterior restorations.

• DenFil™ N adopts the Multi Nano-sized Particle distribution Technology(MNPT). It has highly esthetic appearance and natural shade blending with surrounding tooth structure by MNPT.

• DenFil™ N shows optimal handling and non-slumping.


Packing for Kit
 -Shade (4g x 5syringes) A1,A2, A3, A3.5, B2,
 -Bonding agent 5ml x 1 bottle
 -Etchant 3ml x 1 syringe
 -Accessories: Brushes, Brush holder, Mixing well, Mixing pad, Disposable tips(blue)

Denfil N Kit Promo - 1 per customer- First 5 only

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