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Available as : 

  • Camo Blue 
  • Camo Orange 
  • Camo Yellow
  • Summer Blossom 
  • Midnight Floral 

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Poplin is a plain-weave cotton fabric with very fine horizontal “ribs,” or yarns, that results in a strong, crisp fabric with a silky, lustrous surface. Poplin is commonly used in men’s and women’s shirts, women’s dresses, and items like sportswear and raincoats.


Poplin vs Twill

Though poplin is sometimes confused with twill, poplin and twill are not woven in the same way. While twill is also a plain-weave fabric, poplin is woven with a fine warp yarn and a thicker weft yarn. While both are strong materials, poplin is often softer than twill. Poplin is also more breathable.


Features of Camouflaged Scrub Tops

•Fully Washable Top only

•Well Priced

•Made of Cotton Poplin

•Available for Men and Women

•Sizes: Small, Medium , Large, Xtra Large

Exclusive Scrub Tops - Cotton Poplin

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