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Used in High Volume Evacuation of AGP's (Aerosol Generating Procedures)

External suction devices are considered as an additional layer of protection

Important to continue Normal Dental Procedures post lockdown !!!

Get Your Dental Practice Prepared !!!


The invisible Threat is the Most Dangerous-Scaling and handpiece use generates a lot of aerosol. If the aerosol generated by the patient is “contained”, the risk of infection is very significantly reduced. Collection of the aerosol leads to a very significant reduction in air and surface contamination. Also visual reassurance for the patient- confirmed advancement in improved measure of infection control management.


To remove aerosols with virus and bacteria it is filtered through Primary Filter and HEPA H13 Filter Strainer, Sterilized by Ultraviolet Rays (UVc) and than discharge through a large amount of Non Thermal Plasma Sterilization and purification.Keep your surgery clean!!


Strong 1200W Stepless motor for precise adjustment of working environment. 

Noise reduction Features. 

Change the UV lamp and HEPA filter once a year . Significant Advantage over cheaper systems with less efficient filtration ability. High quality parts mean a significantly longer life span and safer environment.


5 ways to ensure Clean Air (reject Look alikes)

  • Strong Suction >1200W
  • Pre Filter
  • Plasma Hepa H13 Filterstrainer
  • UVc Irradiation light (254nm)
  • Non Thermal Plasma Sterilization (5000V)


Options : 

Add Atomiser and HOCL to Disinfect the Machine After AGP's



FDA and CE Approved



R19,900.00 Regular Price
R8,900.00Sale Price
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