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  • 3 stages temperature design
  • 360° touch control
  • Instant heating without waiting
  • Imported heating element
  • Product description: High heating effective obturation system, Light weight and easy to operation.



Obturation Pen

-  Accurate : 3 stages temperature design
- Convienent : Equipped with multiple working tips

- Comprehensive : 360° touch control, all in your hands

- Fast: Instant heating without waiting


Obturation Gun
· Smmoth : Browning gun design, no leakage
· Easy : Pure silver needle lengthned & Adjust any angle you like
· Efficient : Imported heating element




[Technical parameters]


Technical parameters(Obturation gun):

1.Rechargeable batteries 3.7V 2200mAh

2.Heating time: Heated to 230℃ in 15s

3.Working temperature:160℃ ,180℃, 200℃, 230℃

4.Power Adapter Input voltage: 100V-240V AC, Output voltage: DC5V,1A

5.Operating time: continuous use 1.5h

6.Gun needle size: 23G, 25G Obturation pen



Technical parameters(Obturation pen):

1.Rechargeable lithium ion batteries: 3.7V 2600m Ah

2.Heating time:5s


3.Working temperature: H, L

4.Power Adapter: Input voltage: 100V-240V AC

Output voltage: DC5V,1A


5.Operating time: continuous use 1.5h

6.Heat plunger size: FM.F.M.



R15,900.00 Regular Price
R9,900.00Sale Price
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