Nice touch,
a concentration of technology to ensure maximum performance. The rotatable operator panel with touch screen interface provides a display for each tool used, allowing you to quickly and accurately customize the parameter settings. The operator console is equipped with a delivery system and extendable cords up to 96 cm which allows self-balanced movement and without traction.



NICETOUCH’s keyboard is equipped with an LCD touch screen, where you can customize various parameters for both the chair and the handpiece. For each tool there is a reference menu, that has simple and intuitive graphics, which allows you to set and customize the parameters.
There are 3 different ways to use the scaler: SCALING, PARO or ENDO with the possibility of external irrigation by a peristaltic pump.
For surgical micromotors there are two specific programs. Endodontics and surgery has never been so easy!



Agile and lightweight! Thanks to its flexibility, it follows you in all your movements and allows you to create the most functional working areas as per your needs! The NICEGLASS hoses have an extension of 96 cm. Closer to the patient’s mouth and even more space to move! In addition, the hoses are self-supporting and without tractions ensuring extreme elasticity and freedom of movement.



All at your fingertips! The operator table is mounted on self-locking arms with an automatic lock. It is specifically designed to accommodate up to 6 instruments and support three different tray sizes! You can customize the tablet as to your liking, choosing between the S.P.R.I.D.O or the hanging hoses versions. Whatever your preferences are, our compact, adjustable and balanced table will allow you to work comfortably and safely. The varnished polyurethane surfaces and autoclavable handles ensure maximum hygiene and durability over time.



Comfort and safety for all types of patients thanks to the ceramic cuspidor with a rotation of 180 °. Close and far distance according to your needs!
Freedom of movement and comfortable positioning of the rinse position with all types of patients, from seniors to children, which is activated by both keyboards and pedals.
Manufactured in a ceramic Monobloc, it is equipped with both removable and autoclavable dispensers.



Designed to simplify ordinary maintenance operations at the maximum, the NICEGLASS water unit has a sliding opening. All that is required is just a simple rotation of the cover to have easy access to the water and electronic parts, appropriately separated to ensure safety and comfort. The technological heart of the dental unit is enclosed in a compact and functional space.



A small space that can be modified according to your needs. Within the hydro group it is possible to accommodate:

  • Integrated Disinfection System
  • The water separation system
  • Amalgam Separator
  • One or two Independent water supply bottles



It is possible to move and handle the chair as desired. 7 programmable positions to perfectly match your needs with your work. Seat and footrest handling is SYNCROnized and independent from the seat. It is possible to set 4 working positions in addition to the appropriate memorizing position setting for:

  • Rinsing / last position with automatic ON / OFF op. lamp;
  • Zero position;
  • Trendelenburg facility.

Simply manageable: Recall most of the memorized positions directly by the pedal!



Every doctor and every patient has the right to be comfortable. For this reason, we have studied two different ergonomics of backrests. Suitable to the different working modes and types of patients.



Technology.. a wonderful assistant!
An intra-extra oral camera on your dentist’s console and an in built computer on your unit ? It is possible!
An all-in-one computer with a connected digital camera mounted on the lamp post? It is possible!
Do you just want a monitor to connect to your clinic’s computer? It’s possible
Whatever your needs in the media environment are, we have the solution for you!



The RSV5 sensor combines high quality images with high reliability and care of the materials used. Simple, ergonomic and of minimal size, thanks to the USB connection, which makes it easy to use (mono or multi-position).



Visible quality. A partner of excellence for our lamps.
Choose between Halogen or Led light, whichever FARO lamp is the right one for you!



You can choose among our three different models. All with seamless leather and a comfortable seating with height adjustment.

Ring footrests available as a request optional.

  • Roller Model – Round seat with semi-circular backrest/armrest adjustable in height.
  • Planet Model – Height adjustment / tilt back and lumbar support with a single lever.
  • Wild model – horse saddle ideal for ergonomic spine. Wide base for fluid movement.



A Valuable ally! With a simple gesture, you can activate various functions of the unit. Choose from three different types of pedals whatever does it for you! with its steel base, it is solid and heavy in order to provide stability in positioning on the floor.
3 types of pedals, same features and functions. From the pedal you can:

  • activate and adjust the tools;
  • activate Chip – Air and Chip – Blower;
  • move the chair through the joystick;
  • activate the rinsing and resetting position;
  • activate the water command to the glass;
  • on-off operating light when no instrument is taken;
  • manage the intra-extra oral digital camera.

Choose from standard, push and WI_FI versions!



It ensures the blockage and the return of liquids from the instruments preventing the contamination of the water-spray circuits.



  • Fast guide tray, the tray is easily removable to be sterilized in autoclave.
  • Set of two handles + white silicone mat where instruments can be placed.
  • Water dispenser to cup /cuspidor.
  • Hosing Support on the assistant side.



The automatic water disinfection system is designed to prevent and eliminate possible cross-contamination (biofilm, legionella …) present in the clinics. DISINFECTION OF CONTINUOUS CIRCUITS can be performed automatically. Thanks to the MDS, water is always disinfected, preventing the formation of limestone and prolonging the life of the handpiece.



In order to work in complete autonomy and safety, there is the possibility to insert up to two independent water bottle supplies within the hydro group.








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