Nice glass Unit 
technology functionality and security service. Simple and versatile in its use, thanks to the features it is certain to guarantee high performance and maximum hygiene. Nice Glass is uniquely characterized by the fully encapsulated glass control panel. The GLASS keyboard is designed to provide rapid and perfect hygiene disinfection eliminating problems that are wear-and-tear-related.



The NICEGLASS operator keyboard has the glass surface completely encapsulated. By a simple use of the very intuitive icons, functionality can be easily managed by the dental unit.
Easy and safe to sanitize, it is a perfect ally for whomever is in search of a long time reliable partner.
Fully functional to meet technology needs!



Agile and lightweight! Thanks to its flexibility, it follows you in all your movements and allows you to create the most functional working areas as per your needs! The NICEGLASS hoses have an extension of 96 cm. Closer to the patient’s mouth and even more space to move! In addition, the hoses are self-supporting and without tractions ensuring extreme elasticity and freedom of movement.
Choose between SPRIDO and HANGING HOSES without having to give up on anything!



All at your fingertips! The operator table is mounted on self-locking arms with an automatic lock. It is specifically designed to accommodate up to 6 instruments and support three different tray sizes! You can customize the tablet as to your liking, choosing between the S.P.R.I.D.O or the hanging hoses versions. Whatever your preferences are, our compact, adjustable and balanced table will allow you to work comfortably and safely. The varnished polyurethane surfaces and autoclavable handles ensure maximum hygiene and durability over time.



The NICEGLASS Assistant console is equipped with a panel which includes a glass surface and touch technology. It is easy to handle and easy to sanitize thanks to the glass keypad, practical integrated handle and painted polyurethane surfaces. The console is mounted on a wide horizontal arm tread to allow the operator to move smoothly and freely throughout the work area. As an optional, you can request the pantograph arm that associates both horizontal and vertical travel.






    2021 created by Magnifident Holdings cc , South Africa , ZA

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