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New with Buttom and Motion contol 


High resolution and true image

Case selection and finalized report

Various range of software

Multi-platform access case

Reproduce the real state of teeth

Accurate anatomical features

3D high-definition color, visual communication

Easy and exciting treatment experience

Clear and easy margin line drawing

Preoperative scan available for implant and restoration

Comparison of two sets of data such as denture and full arch

Enhanced scanning option for Veneer

Automatically prepare case reports to laboratories

Various options to select in the report, such as bridge or crown

Convenient tools for clinics and laboratories

3D preview allows access via mobile phones, tablets and laptops

Share cases with patients immediately after scanning

Fully prepared case reports to laboratories

Click the link directly to EXOCAD


Application Features

Revolutionary Improvement *

Scanning speed improve 70%

Handpiece weight decreases 10%

Data accuracy improves 30%

Tip height decreases 14%

PANDA 3 IntraOral 3D Imaging Scanner - IO3dS

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R179,900.00Sale Price
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