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Tri- Wavelength and Max. Power

  • 450nm: 3W @ CW, 5W @ pulse   - Blue Laser 
  • 650nm: 400mW @ CW - Red Laser
  • 980nm: 8W @ CW, 12W @ pulse - Near InfraRed Laser

Pulse Duration

  • 10μs-0.9s

Pulse Repetition Rate

  • Up to 50kHz

Tip Diameter

  • 200μm, 300μm, 400μm

Power Supply Input

  • 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz


Battery Pack

  • Li-ion Rechargeable, Last for one week with normal use

Size / Weight

  • 214 x 150 x 149 mm, 1.6kg


Standard Packaging 

Includes Machine and Surgical handpiece. 


Optional : 

Whitening Handpiece 

Therapy Handpiece

Biostimultion Handpiece

Also Sold Seperately 

Solase PRO Dental Diode Laser

R189,900.00 Regular Price
R179,900.00Sale Price
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