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Known as: Single step – Chelation and Irrigation

Available in 25's, 50's and 100's


Twin Kleen is an additive to endodontic irrigating solutions For all endodontic procedure during root canal instrumentation and as a final rinse solution.


Properties & Advantages :

  • Antibacterial solution
  • Mild Chelating Agent
  • Proteolytic Agent
  • Lubricating Agent
  • Prevents smear layer
  • Long Shelf Life



Marked reduction in Accumulated hard tissue debris

Less Post Op pain 

Conditioning of dentine to receive the sealer

Reduces the inventory of solutions





Twin Kleen Is A Mild Chelating agent HEBP with short term compatibility with sodium hypochlorite. The combination eliminates the debris impaction in the anatomical irregularity. The combination also reduces the AHTD (Accumulated Hard Tissue Debris) and prevents smear layer formation during rotary instrumentation. Mixing Tween Kleen with sodium hypochlorite.

One can avoid the irrigation sequence and the combination can be used as one irrigating solution. The combination can be used during instrumentation and as a final rinse solution.


TWIN KLEEN (All-in-1 Irrigating Solution)

R499.00 Regular Price
R399.00Sale Price
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