Self researched and developed by UP3D

Solution for 3-5 axis dental automatic milling machines

Easy to use,streamlining,automation

No expertise needed in using UPCAM


1.Quality guarantee(Germany core)

ModuleWorks is the top level solution provider of CAM module in Germany,and it provides the powerful core algorithm of CAM for the manufacturers of numerous industries and dentistry.

Now ModuleWorks has more than 120 cooperative partners in industries and researches fields,providing the process support for thousands of users everyday.



2.Easy operation

UPCAM realizes layout automatically ,split the retaining bars automatically ,detect the delicate milling area automatically,generate the tool path automatically.

Complete backstage setting ensures simple operation,the dental technicians only need to follow the workflow to operate the UPCAM.

Auxiliary processing:UPCAM can set up necessary auxiliary processing design to ensure the sophistication of 

accessories processing and posterior operations for the blanks needed to process.


3.Fastest tool path switching

Single tool path switching time is about 18s

3-unit bridge tool path switching time is about 39s

Entire tool path switching time is about 14mins


4.Compatible with all dental milling machines

UPCAM is capable to fit any brands or models of milling machines no matter to mill or to grind.

UPCAM will choose 3+2 axis or 5 axis tool path processing solution automatically for the 5 axis 

milling machine to make the processing more flexible and efficient.

The processing strategies of any models of milling machines have the automatic collision detection 

function,which guarantee the safety and reliability of processing.


5.Compatible with different kinds of CAD/CAM materials

UPCAM supports all the CAD/CAM materials in dentistry(Zirconia,wax,PMMA,glass ceramics,elastic ceramics,metal,pre-fabricated abutment interface and so on)

UPCAM will provide a suitable processing solution according to the selected material to optimize the tool path and ensure the processing accuracy and efficiency.


6.Compatible with all dental restorative types

UPCAM is compatible with the processing of all the dental restorative types and it will set up different processing strategies to ensure the processing quality of each accessory(copings,full crowns,bridges,inlays,posts and cores,veneers,telescopic crowns,precision attachments,customized abutments,implant bars,surgical guides,bite splints,removable rests,full denture base,stone models,etc)


7.Efficient use of materials(Lowest costs)

UPCAM will detect the direction of insertion automatically to ensure the minimum height of material needed under the circumstance of 

no undercuts of the accessories according to the 3d graphics of the accessories needed of the user.

The layout of UPCAM can realize the connection between retaining bars of accessories to save the materials at maximum.


8.Customized solution

UPCAM is highly compatible with the major dental CAM software(such as UP3D,3Shape,EXO,Dental Wings,EGS,Smart Optic,etc) and it outputs the open STL data and processes.


UPCAM can be customized according to the requirements of the customers.



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