Exposure to ultra Light makes the surgical instruments super clean. 

Can be used to kill VIRUSES AND BACTERIA

Used on packed dental instruments too.

Ultra cabinet is an Uniquely designed enclosure with properly stacked Trays to ensure correct exposure to ultra violet light from the tube.


  • Single Door or with UV Tube 
  • Stainless Steel Chamber with 10 Stainless Steel Trays
  • Imported UV  tubes
  • Emits UV light (Germicidal in properties)
  • Effective tool for avoiding contamination of instrument once sterilized or autoclaved.
  • Can maintain & preserve in instruments for days without any fear of contamination.
  • Door switch interlock prevents emission of UV light as soon as the chamber is opened to avoid any harmful effect on operator.



·        U.V. Tube                                               15W

·        Chamber Size                                        20"x10"x6"

·        Weight                                                   12.5Kg

·        No. of Trays                                           10

·        Door Closing Mechanism                    Magnetic Latch

UV Sterilizer Cabinet Single Door

R5 999,00 Regular Price
R4 499,00Sale Price

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