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*Perfect cordless 3-dimensional obturation system 
*Fantastic combination of filling method of vertical compaction and backfill 
*Easy and quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling. 
*Excellent hermetic sealing with 3-dimensional filling (Total obturation of the entire canal including lateral canals) 
*Excellent apical control & obturation of anatomically complicated canals 
*Condensed gutta percha makes full obturation 
*Digitizing temperature display contributes to convenient setting of temperature! .
*Easy to learn and operate 
* Compact design complys with standard of human engineering 

Charging system 
1. Operating Voltage DC. 3.6V 
2. Adaptor Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC 4.5V 
3. Charging time 4 hours 
4. Continuous heat-up time for gun after fully charging 60 minutes 
5. Continuous heat-up time for pen after fully charging 30minutes 

Obturation Gun 
1. Heater DC3.6 V 8W 
2. Temperature sensor Thermocouple 
3. Heating time 30 seconds
4. Temperature range 180-200 C. degree

Obturation Pen 
1. Temperature sensor IC type 
2. Heating time 2 Seconds 
3. Temperature range 160-240 C. degree

Battery (Lion) 
1) Capacity: DC3.6 V 2.2AH 
2) Dimension: 19 *65 (3PCS total) 
3) Operating condition: Temperature 5-40


R19,900.00 Regular Price
R16,900.00Sale Price
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