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Well-Pex™ is an OIL BASED temporary root canal filling material for the infected root canal. It is also a good intracanal medicament. It contains Calcium Hydroxide and Iodoform mainly having good radiopacity and antibacterial characteristics. Well-Pex™ is very stable without any solidification or separation and is a highly-flowable paste premixed in a convenient syringe. Also Well-Pex™ has excellent accessibility to the apex and biocompatibility to the periapical tissue.

• Apexification
• Treatment for an infected root canal
• Temporary root canal filling
• Pulp capping of exposed pulp
• Disinfection after pulp extirpation treatment

• Kit
    - 2g x 1 syringe
    - 20ea disposable tip / Extension holder

Well-Pex™ Intracanal Medicament Oil-Based

R1,599.00 Regular Price
R499.00Sale Price
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