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Well-Prep™ including Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid(EDTA) is a chelating agent which allows efficient cleaning and easier preparation of the root canal. When Urea-peroxide in Well-Prep™ reacts with sodium hypochlorite, pulp debris is lifted out the canal by the bubbling effect. Well-Prep™ improves the tubular penetration of endodontic medicaments and filling materials as dentinal tubules are opened. Also, Well-Prep™ improves the efficiency in injecting into the root canals by including a special lubricant.

 • Facile shaping and cleansing of the root canal
 • Easy and fast removal of debris
 • Encouraging decalcification of dentin and antibacterial effect
 • Simple handling of instruments in the canals due to lubricating effect


• 6g x 3 syringes
• Disposable tips

Well-Prep™ EDTA Cleaner - 3 pack- shortdated

R599.00 Regular Price
R499.00Sale Price
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