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Well-Root™ PT (Indication: Pulp capping, Repair of perforation, Repair of resorption, Root-end filling, Apecification)• Paste-only filling• Proper setting time for application(Not too short / Not too long)• Superior compressive strength• Antibacterial effects by alkaline pH• Radiopaque• Biocompatible elementsWell-Root™ ST (Indication: Permanent obturation of the root canal)• Excellent bonding to gutta-percha and dentin• Zero shrinkage• Hydroxyapatite generation• Optimal flowability• Antibacterial effects by alkaline pH• Biocompatible elements• Radiopaque


Well-Root PT is a ready to use, premixed, bioceramic paste developed for pulp capping, permanent root canal repair and surgical applications. It is an insoluble and radiopaque material based on a calcium aluminosilicate composition, which requires the presence of water to set and harden. Well-Root PT does not shrink during setting and demonstrates excellent physical properties. 

Well-Root PT is supplied in packs of 10 x 0.25g capsules

Well-Root PT - BioCeramicSealer

R2,999.00 Regular Price
R2,499.00Sale Price
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