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This mask is a re-usable and washable 3 ply mask made from 2 layers of woven poly-cotton, and 1 internal rayon sleeve that can hold filter media if you wish to have the maximum level of protection. When using filter media this becomes a 4 to 5 ply mask which offers the maximum level of protection.

Ideal use for People with Beards. Better coverage over beard than regular 3 ply mask . 

This mask is manufactured in South Africa based on US hospital design specifications which have shown to have more than 90% filtration efficiency when using disposable paper towels as filter media. Efficiency is increased up to 99.7% when using Hepa filter media. (Efficiency without any filter media at 3 ply level is still over 80%)

The mask is fitted with two soft 10 cord elastics that hold on the head instead of the ears in order to make wearing the mask comfortable for long periods.

These masks are available direct to the public as well as health facilities, police and military at this time. (We may limit availability only to health facilities if stocks become limited.)


-3+1 Ply Reusable/Washable Medical Masks
-Sleeve for Disposable filter (Hepa/Paper/Coffee/Tissue)
->80% (No filter) to 99.7% (Hepa filter) efficiency depending on filter media (Based on comparable US tests)
-Made in South Africa
-Blocks spread of droplets outward AND inward (Most masks only prevent outward spread of droplets)
-Suitable for Civilian, Healthcare, Police and Military


Materials used, number of layers and type of filter influence the breathability of any mask. This mask at 3 ply with no filter is approximately 80% effective and very breathable. This is sufficient for use in general office, work & retail environments and public spaces. For healthcare use or if you are caring for a positive patient either a 1 ply or 2 ply filter can be used. With a 1 ply filter the mask is still very breathable but now starts to work as a respirator. With a 2 ply filter (eg. double layer of tissue paper) there is maximum filtration but the breathing difficulty increases and this should generally only be used in high risk environments for a short period of time (around 20 to 60 minutes)

Each mask is made of:

- 2 external layers of woven poly-cotton

- 1 internal layer of viscose/rayon for comfort and to prevent chafing of the nose. This layer also forms the sleeve for insertion of filter media

- Two soft elastic connections which go around the head and neck for comfort (instead of the ear)

These masks come in different sizes:

small size masks for kids, medium masks and Large masks. (Adult and Beard) 

The health minister recommends that each person should have 2 masks so that 1 can be used while the other is being washed. If you would like a different combination of sizes please mention this in the order notes when placing your order and we will accommodate.

Deliveries are made by courier throughout South Africa.


We sell single masks individually. (Quantity discounts are available for this product)

Product FAQ:

Are filters included?

No, filters are not included with the masks

What type of filters can be used?

HEPA filters, Coffee filters, Paper towels and even tissue paper or wet wipes (once they are dry). Studies from the US show that with this type of mask, while using 2 disposable paper towels, it is just as effective as a HEPA filter, or an N95 mask.

How often do I wash this mask?

We recommend that you wash the mask each time you were exposed to people other than your own members of the household. The minimum is that you should change the filter if you are using one each day. After washing place the mask in the sun for drying. The UV rays of the sun are very effective at killing viruses.

Do you deliver during lockdown?

Yes, we are a medical supply company that is open and delivering during the lockdown


What are the exact measurements for the sizes?

The measurements below are for the material measurements of the mask on flat surface. To know whether it will be suitable for your face with the curvature measure from the bridge of your nose down to underneath the chin for the nose to chin measurement. Measure from sideburn to sideburn going over the bridge of the nose for the side to side measurement.


Nose to chin - 15cm

Side to side - 20cm


Nose to chin - 18cm

Side to side - 24cm


Nose to chin - 20cm

Side to side - 26cm


R99.00 Regular Price
R19.90Sale Price
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