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Refine iJet Dental Air Jet Polishing Hygiene Prophy Polisher 4 Hole

FREE 500g Powder included !!

The nozzle handpiece is compatible with EMS AIR-FLOW HANDY


Midwest 4 hole connection
Designer handpiece available in orange, bule and grey
No cumbersome installation – simple plug-and-play system
Easy cleaning and maintenance
120° nozzle for general use
360° nozzle rotation
High-volume powder chamber
With Anti-retraction system
Full range of AirJet clinic applications
Supragingival scaling
Interdental space scaling
Subgingival scaling
Orthodontic brackets scaling
Air Polishing after ultrasonic scaling
Preparation before bonding orthodontic brackets and placing restorations
Dental Implant and abutment scaling
Tougue and palate cleaning

iJet - Prophy Jet - Premium- 1st 5 customers

R7,900.00 Regular Price
R3,900.00Sale Price
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