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It can use vacuum ultraviolet rays to catalyze and activate the surface activity of implants


•Improve the rate of osseointegration
•Shorten the time of bone healing
•Accelerate the clinical osseointegration of dental implants, and improve the success rate of dental implants.

• Improve bone contact rate(BCR)

•The BCR of Non-activated implants is about 50-60% and activated implants can increase to over90%

• Shorten dental restoration time

•Dental restoration time: Reduced from 3 months to 1 month

• Expanding implant adaptation

•Improved implant success rate for high-risk dental treatment

• Rapid activation - Activation only takes10s

• OzonesterilizationBuilt-in ozone filtration to prevent leakage

• Vacuum UV

• Ultra High Implant Compatibility


Implant Activator

R59,900.00 Regular Price
R49,900.00Sale Price
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