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Piezo Bone Surgery - Cuts only Hard tissue -Saved Nerve and soft tissues

Indications :

  • Alveolar Surgery 
  • Implant Surgery 
  • Periodontal Surgery 
  • Root Canal Surgery 
  • Orthodontic Surgery 
  • Maxillofacial Surgery 


Model: MaxSurgery Ⅲ
Mechanical Size: 290mm*270mm*125mm
Main Unit Weight: 3kg
Power Input: 100-240V A.C. 50Hz/60Hz
Main Unit Input: 120VA
Frequency: 26±3kHz
Water Flow Rate: 30~125ml/m
Operating Model: B, P,E, C
Control Model: Touch Control

MaxSurgery III - UltraSonic Piezo Bone Cutter

R99,900.00 Regular Price
R65,900.00Sale Price
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