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Now with added feature - upgrade to wireless trigger connection 


FRENCH Design , EUROPEAN Production

70kV, DC /AC 


DESIGN :Subtle, compact design that can adapt to all situations

INTUITIVE : Clearly labelled, with simple, user-friendly configuration

ERGONOMICS & ACCURACY : Flexible and adjustable arms to obtain exactly the right position.


The Owandy-RX is very intuitive to use and requires no special staff training.
All settings are easy to configure (exposure time, patient typology, kV, mA, etc.)
The Owandy-RX works with all receiver terminals: digital sensors, imaging plates,
films, etc.



Excludes Wireless Trigger

Excludes cost of registrations with RadCON

Excludes Conformity Testing
Application for install through RadCON takes approximately 4 weeks . Full payment Due which is not refundable for submission of Xray Licensing.

OWANDY RX IntraOral Xray Generator

R99,900.00 Regular Price
R79,900.00Sale Price
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