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Tests the saturation with Oxygen in the blood. useful for testing saturation as COVID screening for non symptomatic patients Multicolour OLED Display Low Power Consumption : Below30mA Batteries included Automatic Power Shut off Battery Life Indicator Small light weight ,*TIPS ON USE OF FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETER IN HOME ENVIRONMENT*Not meant for continuous monitoring Becareful if allergic to rubberDon't use if Finger is damp/wetDon't use if finger is oedematous or has scars or burnsSize of finger is important in relation to oximeter ( fatter fingers, measure on pinky finger ) ( thinner fingers, use bigger finger )If using for a long time, change finger.Finger and oximeter must be aligned correctly Circulation must be fairIncorrect or inaccurate measurementsunder the following circumstances:-Nail polish-Artificial nails-Dirty nails-Plaster on fingerDon't use on same side as BP cuff or IV lineFalse readings if patient has following underlying medical conditions: -Cardiac arrhythmia -Abnormal HB levels-Jaundice-Hypotension-Severe vasoconstriction-Severe anaemia-Hypothermia-Cardiac arrest-Shock states -Venous pulsations-patient on Vasoctive medsReadings can differ in sunlight and under flourescent light.Changes of surrounding temperature ( hot room to cold room and vice versa )If surrounded by machines that cause electrosurgical interference or vibrations carry

Pulse Oximeter

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