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1: Touch to Operate-ALL on ipod/iphone/ipad  
All operations can be done phone with better experience beyond your imagination. You could even save your patients’ treatment records on phone for reference of further use. With more than 14 factory loaded presets , just one touch is enough to get ready of your laser.Custom presets are also possible.

Use your existing IPhone / IPod. Use Iphone 5,6,7,8,9 or X

Or use an Android Smart Phone


 2: 10W laser power,More accessibilities!
With up to 10W of laser power,the SOLASE Laser can be used in a wide range of procedures including coagulation,incision,hemostasis and disinfection of oral soft tissues,as well as teeth whitening and pain control.


3: Charring reduced,healing inproved! 10 μs pulse interval and 20 kHz laser frequency
The SOLASE Laser can generate a shortest and highest frequency laser pulse in the market-up to 10 μs of pulse interval and 20 kHz of laser frequency-helping to reduce the charring of soft tissue and accelerate the  postoperative healing.


4: Precision Power, Stable Temperature!
As the key component, it has best laser chip supplied from Germany. Normally, laser power will decrease with  the use of time. however it has a laser chip with nominal power of 16W but downtuned to 10W from it, leaving 6W to compensate the possible power decrease,regardless of the sharp increase in costs.Moreover,with its developed Smart Negative Feedback Tech,the laser power remains stable and unaffected by aging.Temperature instability will seriously lead to power drift. Combining Peltier-Seebeck Effect,Heat Pipe and Forced Air Cooling,the SOLASE Laser achieves its perfect Dynamic Temperature Stabilization System.


5: Fiber Tips Disable.400μm, 300μm and 200μm fiber tips.Tip bender included
Unique integration design of disposable fiber tips and sleeve helps to simplify the preparation and prevent cross cotaminations. The SOLASE Laser provides three types of tip wavelengths viz.:

  • 400μm (for surgery Treatment) ,
  • 300μm (for Periodontal Treatment) and
  • 200μm (for Root Canal Treatment)

A tip bender is also included to help bend the tip to any angle.


6: IPX8 Wireless footswitch,2m water resistant
IPX8 rated wireless footswitch,remains water resistant even when placed 2 meters under water, allowing the laser to withstand a complex working environment.


- IOS / Android Laser App (Applicationn phone)

- Laser Bleaching Attachment

- Laser Soft Tissue Healing Attachment

- Laser BioStimulation Attachment

Solase Dental Diode Laser

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