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DenFil™ Etchant-37 is phosphoric acid formulation thickened with natural polymeric materials. DenFil™ Etchant-37 contains 37% phosphoric acid and is designed as a semi-gel type. DenFil™ Etchant-37 can be obtained easy and available etching effect. Also DenFil™ Etchant-37 leaves no residues on the surface of etched tooth contrary to silica thickened etchants.

- Etching the enamel and dentine for adhesive restorations

 • Economic
    - Etchant 3ml x 12 syringes
    - 20ea disposable tip (blue)

DenFil™ Etchant- 12 x 2 ml Syringes

R999.00 Regular Price
R799.00Sale Price
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