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It is a stability measuring device that uses tapping method, which measures the time of the Tapping Rod of the device contacting the implant

for dentistry and dental implantology or oral cavity, or abutment, to

measure the stability of the placed implant. The result of the measure-

ment is displayed in iST scale (implant Stability Test), which is the numer-

ical representation of the Implant Stability Test (iST) value, and higher

scale represents greater implant stability or lower implant mobility.


Convenient usage due to small and light design

Easy to use due to simple controlling method

Fast measuring time less than 3 seconds

Safe measurement due to slight tapping technique and auto safety

system (tapping stops after tapping twice when Osseointegration is

unstable, otherwise taps up to 6 times.)

Available to check possibility of implant failure at in earlier stages

This model is much simpler to use than the NSK model. With the NSK model, you need to install a probe on the implant first. With this model, you can see the ISQ value on the display screen by gently tapping the implant. From the numerical value Determine the stability of the implant.

Implant Stability Meter

R39,900.00 Regular Price
R29,900.00Sale Price
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