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New ucem premium, NOW with special binder MDP.
U-Cem Premium is a self-adhesive, versatile, dual-cured composite cement that does not require pre-treatment. Surplus cement is easily removed.

Packed in syringes with a double cartridge with disposable tips that provide automatic mixing.

U-Cem Premium has the highest durability of connection with any surfaces.

In comparison with other products, U-Cem Premium has the best physical properties at pressure, flexibility and film thickness with radiopaque.

Has high strength of connection with different prostheses, since it contains MDP.

To achieve aesthetics, U-Cem Premium is available in Clear, Universal and Opaque colors.

Indications: cementing of indirect tabs, metal or composite inlays, linings, crowns, bridges made of ceramics, pins with or without thread.

U-CEM PREMIUM Dual Cure Cement

R1,899.00 Regular Price
R1,599.00Sale Price
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